The  $ensible  Alternative  Heating  Solution

What is a Biomass Furnace? - It's a furnace that burns biomass to create heat!

What is a "Multi" Biomass Furnace? - It's a furnace that burns more than one type of
    Biomass Source allowing you to choose a type of biomass readily available in
    your geographical location AND choose the one most suited for your budget!

Are you a poultry grower?  Would you like to.........

    • FREE yourself of dependence on propane?
    • $ave money using an "alternative" heat source?
    • Increase poultry weight gains?  ($$$in your pocket!)
    • Increase your productivity levels?

If you answered "YES" to just one of the questions above.....,
this website is designed especially for YOU!!  Here you can learn about what the leading universities conducting experiments in actual poultry houses have been finding out about the benefits of heating with a biomass renewable energy system!
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For those who have visited us before, here's what we've recently added to our website: 

  • ATTENTION SOUTHERN STATES!!! - Alabama & Georgia especially!! - (2/16/09)  We just delivered a 400 Rocket to Auburn University - Alabama - where the University is now conducting tests on the furnace!!!  (Click here for new page added & more details!)
  • NEW!!  (11/20/08) - 400 Rocket Model - A Multi-Fuel Furnace - The size YOU requested equipped to adequately handle operations located in areas that have mild winters!!  Burns multi-fuel pellets.
  • NEW!! (11/19/08) - 800 Super Rocket  - A Multi-Fuel Furnace with the BTU's to handle operations located in areas with not-so-mild winters!!!  Burns multi-fuel pellets.
  • NEW - Contact Us from Outside the USA - New e-mail address for international internet correspondence!!
  • NEW - (11/18/08) - "Choose A Model" - Giving options for heating uses showing the models that would best suit your needs.  Redirects you to view pictures & details.



If a Farm Equipment Dealer Gets This Excited About Biomass Renewable Energy & Helping Poultry Growers.....Poultry Growers Should REALLY Be Getting Excited!!!
(Shhh.....The chickens are even excited!)

Steve Schoen of Schoen Equipment Inc.

      We are excited about introducing you to the world of Biomass Renewable Energy and the benefits of using Biomass Renewable Sources to Improve the Quality of your environment at an affordable cost. 
      My wife, Debbie, and I first got interested in Biomass Renewable Energy several years ago when trying to find an alternative heating source for Schoen Equipment Inc. and our own home.  
      We were so impressed with the benefits of using biomass renewable energy that we began selling corn stoves for supplemental heat in homes.  
      One day, two poultry farmers approached us at our business and requested we look into the possibilities of heating their poultry houses.  They, like many poultry growers, were fed up with the rising cost of propane and wanted to finally take back control of their operations by finding an alternative heating source.
      We, at Schoen Equipment Inc. have 40 years of experience in dealing with farmers and because our goal remains the same - to help farmers learn about new and affordable methods of farming, we decided to try and help!

   Our endeavors led us on an incredible journey into the world of biomass renewable energy that has become so exciting that we would like to share what we have learned.
      If poultry growers only knew everything there is to know about using biomass renewable energy in its most simple form right on your own farms and fields, we strongly believe every poultry grower could take back control of your operations once again and begin to realize a significant improvement in your everyday operations and benefit from increased productivity by producing healthier birds.
      Although we are still learning more each day, we offer this website to introduce a revolutionary product that uses a biomass renewable energy source for heating poultry houses.  
      We invite you to visit the pages and links of this website to learn about the many ways in which biomass renewable energy can $AVE YOU MONEY!!

The 800 Rocket
Is a MULTI-FUEL Furnace
Feed it the Biomass Pellets Most Accessible
To You In Your Geographic Area
Choose Whatever Biomass Pellets Are Cheapest At the Moment - Switch Pellets as you please!!

Offering A Revolutionary & Affordable Method of Heating Poultry Houses - Finally!!  Your Alternative Heating Solution that Allows Poultry Growers To Take Back Control of Your Operations!

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