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In helping you to learn more about Biomass Renewable Energy, we provide a Table of Contents (below) listing Facts, Research & Studies, Articles Published along with links to other portions of this website.
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      Harmful Effects of Using Brooders/Propane - The Facts Exposed based upon research & studies by Universities throughout the United States
Benefits of Using A Biomass Renewable Energy Source
      Our Comments concerning propane brooders

Research & Studies
Proof that using alternative heat source from outside your houses is more beneficial than using brooders and propane within your environment (Source:  Auburn University Poultry Ventilation & Housing Study Results Using Alternative Heating Method)
      Importance of Keeping Litter Dry & Humidity Levels Low - Facts & Figures About Environmental Effects from Heating Methods (Source:  University of Georgia report on Environmental Quality - PowerPoint Presentation in PDF)
      MIT Corn Burning Results (Source:  Wired Bog - John Pendray, MIT Graduate Student)
Effects of Excessive Ammonia - Smaller the bird, the smaller your wallet! (Source:  Poultry Engineering, Economics & Management Newsletter Issue 19, September 2002 Auburn University in cooperation with The US Poultry & Egg & Alabama Poultry & Egg Associations)
      Effects of Excessive Heat, Humidity and Ammonia (Source:  Poultry Engineering, Economics & Management Newsletter Issue 40, March 2006 Auburn University in cooperation with The US Poultry & Egg & Alabama Poultry & Egg Associations)
      Penn State Study on Energy Strategies - Burning Shelled Corn for Fuel (Source:  Professor Dennis Buffington, Penn State University Agricultural and Biological Engineering Dept.)

Cassville Democrat/Monett Times - "Missouri Ozarks Business - Innovative Technology Creates New Heat Source"  
The Joplin Globe - "Missouri Ozarks Poultry Grower Installs Biomass Renewable Corn Furnace in Chicken Houses" (April 9, 2007)
The Joplin Globe Story Link - (April 9, 2007)
The Joplin Globe Story Link - "Rising Propane Cost Prompts Farmers To Experiment With Corn Stoves"  (Sept. 30, 2007)
      Watt Publishing - (Released Oct. 31, 2007) - "Corn Furnace Provides Alternative to Propane" by Terrence O'Keefe - (Large Volume Grower Online) 

T.V. News Videos
      KY-3 News Video, Springfield, MO. - "Farmer Burns Corn to Warm Chickens and Save Money" - Abby Wuellner Reporting  (Aired Friday, November 16, 2007) 

The 600 Rocket - Note!!  The 600 Rocket has now been replaced with the improved 400 & 800 Rocket Series.  Photos have been updated.  
        However, the video was produced before the new models were available.  Nonetheless, the video is an excellent demonstration that will help you understand the benefits of using biomass renewable energy.  While the model in the video is a 600 Rocket, the applications are the same.  The 400 & 800 Rocket Series Models improves the quality of the performance!! 

      Video Demonstration - Showing step-by-step installation method of furnace and heat distribution system in an actual poultry house.  Details explaining how the quality of your environment is improved and why a better environment will help increase your productivity.
Professor Gene Simpson, Auburn University, Observations & Comments about The 600 Rocket

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