The  $ensible  Alternative  Heating  Solution

Our Story

So what motivates a farm equipment dealer to study Biomass Renewable Energy?

Steve Schoen - Schoen Equipment Inc.

"I've saved a lot of money! - using it to heat with - both at home and at our business!!


   My wife, Debbie, and I have been studying Biomass Renewable Energy for over five years now and find we are still learning more all the time!
   There are many types of biomass energy sources that can be used in many different ways.  

   *We choose "corn" for heat!  Why?

1.  Corn can be easily renewed by the growing of crops which are abundant in our area.
2.  Burning corn produces the most BTU's for the dollar value.
3.  Corn burns "cleaner" and more complete than other biomass energy sources.
4.  Choosing corn over other biomass renewable sources helps boost the economy for the farmer!

*Note:  Be sure to check out our update below!
Update! - Since the beginning of our studying in the biomass furnace project, we still prefer "corn" for the simple facts stated above.  That's just "our" preference, though.  
    We are extremely excited about the Multi-Fuel modification capabilities made to our Rocket series product and believe it has enhanced its performance dramatically!  
    To sum it all up, farmers can now choose their own biomass fuel source which will help to control the price gouging on fuel in our economy and help farmers take back control of their operations.  
    It's about time that Alternative Fuels begin to stop the monopoly plays of price gouging on the few choices you once had to run your operations.....don't you think?
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