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About Us

"Established 1969"

About Us

            Our goal as business established since 1969 has been to serve the farmers with their needs while keeping up with technology and innovative methods of farming to help area farmers maintain control of their operations. 

          Schoen Equipment Inc. is located in Freistatt, MO., a small town of 180 population but surrounded by a well-populated area of farmland and farmers.  Locals, for the most part, know each other and care about one another.  This is the type of atmosphere we try to maintain at Schoen Equipment.  We care about farmers!

          Our customer base in the beginning was composed of dairy, beef and row-crop farmers.  During the late 1970's, the poultry industry moved into SW Missouri and Schoen Equipment extended their customer base to accommodate poultry growers as well. 

          During the past 4-5 years, fuel costs have been the most common denominator affecting not only the farmers, but businesses as well.  With heating costs skyrocketing, we decided we had to do something not only benefit our own needs, but to help the farmers regain control of their operations as well.

          It was while searching for our own alternative heating source that we stumbled upon the subject of biomass renewable energy as the most appropriate source for fuel.

          It seemed the most logical to our business for the simple reason that using biomass renewable energy would mean more demand of biomass crops from our customer base--farmers! 

          We have spent approximately 5 years studying the subject of biomass renewable energy and found there is more good in it than one could dream!  Our intentions are to share with poultry growers what we know & will learn in the future about biomass renewable energy.  Why?  Because we are totally convinced that using biomass renewable energy can save a farmer money in operations and help him take back control of his operations - like he deserves!!  We have sympathized with farmers having seen their frustrations of having no alternative heating source. 

          During the past two years, we have spent a lot of time meeting with legislators and taking trips to Jefferson City to promote new programs and incentives for farmers regarding the use of biomass renewable energy. 

          Our goal at Schoen Equipment has always been to help the farmer.  Our most recent discoveries about biomass renewable energy are very exciting to us.  We, as a business, can attest to the fact that the use of biomass renewable energy is a money saver.  We have been heating our 8,200 sq. ft. shop area and our 6,000 sq. ft. showroom area with biomass renewable energy systems furnace and stove to supplement our heat system for the past 4 years and have experienced a reduction in our own heating bill from 60-70%.  We have installed them in poultry houses and will be sharing with you how well they work! 

          We encourage you to visit our other links to learn more about what we have learned and to see the benefits you can experience using biomass renewable energy.  Watch our video to see how you can improve your operations using biomass renewable energy.  Contact us with any questions.

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